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The Pomeranian has its name from the region of Pomerania, an area of Germany and Poland and it is descendent of the German Spitz breed.The news was confirmed that night on the social media account of the pooch when his owner revealed that the little pet fell ill when his best friend lost his life.

The dog that won the internet with his cute looks, amassing over 16 million followers online, passed away on Friday (January 18). "Dearest friends of Boo, With deepest sadness I wanted to share that Boo passed away in his sleep early this morning and has left us to join.

Social media sensation Boo the Pomeranian dog & # 39; dies

The Pomeranian is the smallest member of the Northern Breeds, and is a true Spitz type in miniature.

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Boo the Pomeranian dog dies 'from a broken heart' - BBC News

Boo The Pomeranian Dies Of Heartbreak | Fort Smith

Boo, 12, died in his sleep early Friday morning, according to an announcement on social.

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Boo, whose adorable photos on Facebook made him an online phenomenon for years, passed away Friday, his owners.

Boo the Dog Dead - Facebook Famous Pup Passes Away

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Boo the Pomeranian Named 'Worlds Cutest Dog' Dies From

Boo the Pomeranian, known as the 'world's cutest dog

Pomeranian Puppies For Sale Pomeranian Dog Breed Information.Boo (born March 16, 2006) is a Pomeranian that became an Internet sensation.

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The Pomeranian was recognized by the United Kennel Club in 1914.The Pomeranian is a compact, short-backed, active toy dog of Nordic descent.He had a popular Facebook page and was the subject of four photo books.This article was co-authored by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS. Dr. Elliott is a veterinarian with over thirty years of experience.

It became a popular breed in England in the 1800 year, when Queen Victoria adopted one.

Boo, World’s Cutest Dog Dies Of ‘A Broken Heart’ At 12

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We love the little cute Teddy Bear face pomeranians like Boo the Pomeranian.

Boo The Pomeranian 'World's Cutest Canine' Dies - Kimo News

The German Sptiz breed comes in five sizes and the Pomeranian is the smallest of all, also called as.

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Famous for his toy-like appearance, Boo has 16 million Facebook fans, two books, and a stuffed animal version of himself.Shop Boo Puppy boo pomeranian t-shirts designed by Spikeani as well as other boo pomeranian merchandise at TeePublic.

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Cutest compilation you can find online, just the cutest little Pomeranian cotton balls playing around doing cute thinks.


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